The main LSPD Headquarters located at the Pershing Square

The Los Santos Police Department is one of the three government factions within the San Andreas Multiplayer, the othesr being the LSFD and the FBI. The department has existed since the creation of the SA:MP server and the community.



Rank Structure and InsigniaEdit


Officer I

Officer II

Officer III

Sergeant I

Sergeant II

Lieutenant I

Lieutenant II

Captain I

Captain II

Captain III


Assistant Chief of Police

Chief of Police

Working EnvironmentEdit


Ground TransportEdit

The department has almost thirty (30) marked cruisers and other variety of vehicles such as a marked Rancher and Enforcer. The cruisers are the primary vehicles used by the officers of the department when they are on duty.

Sea TransportEdit

Due to the lack of criminal disturbances at the sea, the department only alotted to two marked police patrol boats.

Air TransportEdit

The department has two marked Maverick helicopters at their disposal in case that they are needed for chases and other police operations.

Fallen OfficersEdit

Name Rank - Badge No. Cause - Year of Death Notes
Sarah Patterson Police Officer 300 lbs - Badge #69rape Diabetes - 2014 fat pig